mollie makes

December 20, 2013

i've been super excited to share this news... i did a fun little project for the cover of the january issue of mollie makes and it just came out today! inside are all the directions you need to make two polar bear hot water bottle covers, and a sweet little write-up on my inspirations and work methods.

mollie makes is a uk-based publication, but if you're stateside you can pick up a copy at joann fabrics or most other sewing shops! it's a lovely way for oh, albatross to close out 2013... and a really great incentive to make 2014 even bigger and better! (seriously, i've had a wonderful year. i never knew "work" could feel so damned good.)

and on the home-front, tonight is our last night in our wee old house! tomorrow we load the uhaul with all our furniture and three dogs and we will begin the next chapter of our life in our light-filled dream home. yes, it's been a wonderful year.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. You are famous! Haha, this is awesome, congrats :)

  2. R,
    First, congratulations. That is wonderful.
    Second, "remote South Lyon". I love that in a dozen different ways.

  3. Congratulations for your new house. What a project!
    And congrats for this article. You look so great!!