catch up

January 21, 2014

1. the biggest vintage purchase of my life. we finally hung the doors and it's everything i wanted it to be.
2. afternoon coffee in my beloved chemex.
3. bump is an intense watcher of wild turkeys. she truly disapproves of them.
4. most days involve winter boots and wool jackets for midday boiler stoking.

1. back to sewing (the dear ones have just been restocked in the shop!)
2. setting up a new studio space. it's amazing to have so much light.
3. my christmas present to myself. (that's allowed, right?)
4. solemn bears and shy foxes. because they are a must.

1. a custom sandpiper on the worktable.
2. the lovely light in the master bath.
3. firewood is the main event around here. sunlight, too.
4. the dogs finally relaxed enough to get silly. one little boy is claiming everything for his own.

now we're all just settling into a routine. trying to work out how we fit best into this new space. i am delighted to have a well-lit studio and shipping space that aren't separated by two flights of stairs. we have lots of projects left to go but we can enjoy them at our leisure now that we're in. i am also quite enjoying digging out things i have stored for years. it's like christmas morning every time i unpack a new box.

happy to be home. happy to be back on the grid. happy just to be.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. congratulations on finally being in your beautiful new space! it truly looks like a dream home.

  2. It all looks absolutely lovely - I hope you'll both be very happy for many years to come in situ.

  3. i'm happy you are being who you are meant to be in that new big space….