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April 30, 2014

oh, yes. there are some new pieces due in the shop (very) soon. i am always excited when there is a fox on the work table. unfortunately, it seems i have been too busy to get to my favorite pieces lately. this is sort of an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but as this "busyness" is to be happening more and more often, it seems the idea that's been dwelling in the back of my mind and growing day by day must be put upon the table.prices. i haven't changed them much in the last five years, but my work has changed quite a bit. (i've never even charged extra for custom work, which is obviously just a bit silly.) deep inside, i am so honored and grateful that so many of you have chosen to buy an oh, albatross handmade piece for your home or for a loved one, that i tend to forget about the value of my own time and process. after many late nights of bloodshot eyes and aching fingers, as well as a nagging unrest in the back of my mind... yes dears, prices will be going up a bit.but there's a shiny little glimmer of good news... the new prices will include free domestic shipping (and a much-reduced international rate). and, as a wee gifty to my return customers (because i think you're amazing, and i am so, so thankful for you), send me a convo for 15% off your next handmade piece.
in semi-related news... a pierrot bear!! i've been thinking about him for ages and i couldn't be happier about how he turned out with his antique baubles and matelasse cap. in semi-unrelated news... i spotted a fox in our front yard yesterday! i had no hope of ever seeing one, because i didn't think they lived in this area at all. and yet, there he was... red and black and clever as can be. FOX!

okay, enough rambling from me. i'm off to pop these wee brethren in the shop. remember... hit me up for your discount!

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. How Beautiful tha white "fox"... So creatív! :)

    Thank you the experiance :


  2. and i am always pleased when you are creating those wee foxes.
    mine sits here, near my computer, and my coyote overlooks the studio.