friday fuzzy

May 9, 2014

hello again darling bloggy friends. here is a friday fuzzy for you. here is also an expression of my hangdog shame at being a crap blogger lately. ugh, sorry.

sometimes the internet is the most inspirational place. it's just so damned full of ideas and questions and resources and answers. it's a myriad of lilypad wandering through so much beauty. and then all of a sudden it gets overwhelming ... dull and heavy and lifeless. or maybe that's just the spring (that's finally showing some signs of thinking about getting around to arriving) telling me to unplug. i'd tell you the trees are budding but i don't want to jinx things.

but still, it's friday, so let's be fuzzy.

my computer needs a restart. my coffee cup needs a restart. and i'm starting to think i need a restart, too. i'm off to take care of the first two and ponder the third. i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

xo. r

(photo by emily)

1 notes:

  1. there may be a lot of perceived very wonderful flowery photo-ful blogging going on out there in internet land, but one thing that always ALWAYS blesses my heart is your friday fuzzy post.