not all grown-ups forget how to pretend

April 14, 2009

it's a little hard to wrap your head around this piece of furniture when it's out of context, but picture this: 

a sunny room. a lazy summer afternoon. a couple of sheepskins. your favorite pillow. maybe a cat. and there you are curled up with your favorite book. you can even pretend domino isn't out of business. and you've got all kinds of graceful curves to snuggle into, with the sheepskins softening any hard surfaces. 

only catch? the price. it's not cheap. but hey, since we're pretending domino is still in print, we can easily pretend we have a million dollars, too.
a glass of lemonade could probably be arranged.

if you're interested: supermarket is the place to go.
no link required for pretending.

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