garden fetish

May 14, 2009

can i just say how very, very much i wanted this? but that i'm sort of relieved some one else bought it first because i really ought to hunt up my own string of pearls? 

it's lovely, isn't it? i mean the whole thing from the coffee pot to the way the little pearls drape over the side and reflect in the silver. so perfect.

this little gem is from monkeysalwayslook. who, by the way, is a total sweetheart. she has a great collection of succulents and vintage finds and succulents in vintage finds. it's always fun to explore her shop. just a warning: you'll be hard pressed to leave empty-handed!

2 notes:

  1. i finally tracked down a string of pearls, but sticking it in a pot just has not resulted in a monkeysalwayslook masterpiece! sigh.