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May 30, 2009

i just stumbled across the wonderful paulette edition by iris schwarz on etsy. she had me at her first little sketch. but digging a little deeper, i found this:

it's called "humain" and the little wordplay just tickles me so (main being french for hand. if you glance sideways along the title, you catch all kinds of little meanings. created by a human hand, the delicacy of being human, etc.) 

it's lovely and simple and as i fall asleep tonight, i will probably be tumbling over all the lovely ways i could display this little triptych. (mmm 3's. everything looks better in 3's.)

and a sample of her quirky prints. love, love, love.

thank jeebus for etsy... there are so many wonderful things out there. a little daily scavenge always makes me feel better. 

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