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April 7, 2010

i've been hoarding lots of green in my photo collections lately.
i think it's because spring is here.
my sweet darling spring.

we went for a walk the other day.
i started shouting oh! oh! oh!

patrick whips his head around...
what is it? what's wrong?!

did you see the hostas?!
they've come up almost three inches in the last day!

oh. i thought one of the dogs was about to be hit by a car.

you mean you didn't see the hostas?

{ he was noticeably absent while i was tangling with the barberry. he did however, declare that i looked as if i'd been attacked by a pack of wild cats. in retrospect, that may have been a not-so-subtle hint that no, we do not need a cat. i suspect we do, indeed, need a cat. he'll win this battle, but don't tell him i've given up. okay? }

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