( afterwards )

November 28, 2011

thankful for a long weekend.
time spent with family.
time spent with my beloved.

thankful to be able to give myself a break.
instead of trying to compete with black friday & cyber monday
and all the craziness that can bring on...
instead i gave myself permission to take the long weekend slowly.

i started a project that's been too long put off.
sewed at a leisurely pace.
enjoyed breakfast out. an afternoon drink. a nap.
and switch off the tv in favor of a book and a warm blanket.

now i'm recharged and ready to go.
there are new vintage finds being put onto the shop shelves.
and one burberry fox.

and soon, something new to share!
hope you all had a wonderful holiday yourselves.
(and thanks to one lovely reader, i think we'll have a double friday fuzzy this week!)

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. sounds like a great plan - i too avoided getting involved in all of the competition for sales this weekend. it just seems in the wrong spirit, to me.

    i love that little wolf - he is calling my name.

  2. You are simply another one of my muses. You don't know me but I do now have one of your little gems twittering, chirping in my home. A little sparrow you crafted out of love.

    Thank you for continually inspiring me!

  3. @thewildplum very pleased to see you here, and thank you so much for giving one of my sparrows a lovely home! xo.