( ear you go )

November 22, 2011

one of the most beautiful songs ever.
incredible to watch it come to life.

we are also building a home.
watching it come to life has been incredible, but ever so slow.

we looked at existing houses for nearly a year
before realizing that we wanted something a little different.
we wanted open space in a private setting,
something sustainable that would age gracefully.
and we wanted room for a family.

we scrapped traditional floor plans
and embraced a layout that will work with the way we really live.
getting rid of formal entries, formal dining rooms, and other lost spaces.
and making more room for communal areas.

best of all, there will be a separate studio space for me.
a place where i can work, and photograph, make a mess
and walk away from it all at the end of the day.

we've worked hard all summer to clear the land
and track down reclaimed materials.
we're spending the winter finalizing plans and lining up trades.
and in spring, construction will finally begin.

i've been holding this secret close to my chest.
afraid that my bubble would burst.
but i think the time is right
to build a home.

xo. r

6 notes:

  1. I had this really long, probably boring comment about making a home; but it's disappeared.

    Anyways - I'm really excited to see what you guys have planned. I love your current home and what you've done. So, yes, lots of pictures?! Please? :)

  2. What a beautiful song!
    Congratulations on the house--glorious.

  3. so happy for you....what an exciting time and i'm very jealous of your studio space!!

  4. Such an exciting secret to share can't wait to hear all the adventures along the way! Congratulations!

  5. Home. You will be clicking your heels before you know it!
    I don't know you, but I check your blog nearly daily, and I so love your posts.

  6. It sounds lovely and beautiful, Regina. Just like the two of you.