string & sing

September 12, 2012

inspired, obsessed, utterly distracted by these kokedama - japanese string gardens.
i found a tutorial that looks fairly simple (here)
but i think i'm fair out of room to potter and play.
ferns. grass. a tiny trailing vine. a little fairy kingdom.


in the meantime, there are tons of beautiful pictures to peruse at
and we can plan and plot our imaginary world together. 

(i should perhaps confess i'm having trouble keeping a ball of moss alive in a closed terrarium.
hopefully i'll have that sorted out by the time i attempt a kokedama.)

and speaking of obsessed...
these two songs by daughter are haunting me.

string & sing. there is so much to be excited about today.

xo. r

1 notes:

  1. Since you have used a different music player, I can't listen to the songs you have. I am from Singapore and when I click on the player, it'll just say "Sorry, we're not available where you are." -_-~