just like heaven

September 11, 2012

i came around the corner and this was happening.
girls have to hang together you know.

bump is still recovering from a bee sting and i hope her wee face doesn't scar.
there is something very hard about having an old and unsteady dog.
if she's been asleep for awhile, i'll stop to check if she's still breathing.
just a sad reality, i'm sure some of you have faced this too.

fall is creeping in - open windows, cool nights and covers pulled up tight.
but today feels like summer is trying to get in one last hurrah.

it's been a funny summer.
we didn't go out for ice cream at all, and i put on a bathing suit exactly once.
so i treated myself to something i stoically refrained from all summer...
a big, fluffy, sweet icy frappuccino.

i'm ready for fall now. bring on the apple cider.

something about today reminds me of this song.
the watson twins bring something deliciously new to an old favorite.
(forgive the different music players please, i'm experimenting.)

xo. r

5 notes:

  1. if she's been asleep for awhile, i'll stop to check if she's still breathing....
    I know this one,very well.
    Sending you big smiles.x


    1. thank you, really. it's an odd thing to find out that worry is creeping into your everyday.

  2. Such precious pups!

    We just rescued a third little pup and named her Cricket. She is so adorable but has been abused so we are trying our best to give her comfort and a better life.

    1. what a sweet name for your rescue! it's both heartbreaking and heartwarming to see a little dog get used to a life without fear. so glad she has a wonderful home now.

  3. i know the feeling all too well.
    i send you love and a hug.

    [i ADORE the photo!]